Torta salata – Savory pie with chards

I love baking pie, and for this recipe I am using “pasta matta”, a very nice dough made with flour, olive oil and water. Soft, no yeast, no egg, no butter. I filled it with chards but you can stuff it really with any other seasonal ingredient.

Ingredients for 2 persons
100 g all-purpose flour
100 g durum wheat semolina
100 g of water
35 g extra virgin olive oil
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 small bunch of chards
15 pitted black olives
2 garlic cloves
dried oregano

Time: 1 hour + 30 minutes resting

Let’s cook!

In a bowl, mix flour, semolina, salt, and mix them with the water and oil until you have a smooth and elastic dough. Cover it for30 minutes and let it rest.

Wash the chards, removing the stems from the leaves. Blanche the leaves in boiling water for a few minutes. Drain and squeeze them, then cut them in small pieces.
In a bowl, mix them with the olives, a pinch of dried oregano, grated garlic and a drizzle of olive oil.

Take the dough  back and place it on a floured shelf, dividing it into two parts (60% and 40%).

Roll out the largest part into a 26 cm disc and place it in a 20 cm pan well oiled. The dough will cover the bottom and side edges well. Prick the bottom with a fork and then fill everything with the filling.

Roll out the second part of the dough into a 20 cm circle and place it on the filling, covering it completely.

Roll up the edges and close the torta salata. Add a drizzle of olive oil on the top, massaging the surface, then prick it all around with a fork. Bake in a static oven at 200 degrees for 45 minutes until the torta is golden brown, above and below.

If you like it, try also the version with onions (or leeks). 

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