Private workshops

Why do we continue to cook? Because it makes us feel human!
Mixing the flour, kneading the dough, cutting onions to make soffritto, let the tomato sauce simmer slowly. Ancient rituals that connect us to the meaning of food and to the authentic essence of Italian cuisine. 

During my workshops I want to guide you for a few hours in a sensory journey to Italy, where we are going to cook together, hands-on and from scratch, the recipes that I have tested in more than 15 years as cookbook author and food writer.

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In 3,5 hours of hands-on workshop, I show how to make 2 different pasta shapes, guiding you to “understand” the flour and how to knead it in order to have a proper pasta dough. 

My golden rule? “Feel the dough”, instead of relying on quantities. Measurements can be sometimes wrong but, instead, you can always trust your hands! After kneading the dough together, we enjoy the aperitivo, made of Italian delicacies. 

The core of the workshop focuses on the preparation of the 2 pasta dishes under my guidance. Then we will taste and pair them with different sauces made with seasonal ingredients, in a nice meal that will bring all the participants around a table, to celebrate the food we cooked!
During the meal a fresh salad and a dessert is served. 

This is always the nicest part of the experience, an opportunity to know deeper the Italian food culture and to share your questions with me (Italian cooking techniques, food pairing, preserving pasta and any other question that can inspire your everyday cooking).


A cooking class where we are going to prepare from scratch a whole Italian menu, from antipasti to dessert, including a dish of hand made pasta. 

We will work in a group, under my guidance: this is a hands-on workshop and everybody will be involved in the preparation of one or more dishes.  

Generally we prepare antipasti to serve together with cheese and finger food, then a main course with pasta, a salad and a dessert, with coffee. All made by you!  I will decide the recipes once you confirm the event and the date, choosing among seasonal, local fresh ingredients and Italian delicacies. 

I will design the menu according to special diets and food preferences so everybody can fully enjoy the meal. If you want to make fresh pasta this can’t be gluten free. But if you need to have a gluten free menu I can fix that: risotto (or polenta) is also a very nice option.  The workshop (cooking + dinner) lasts 3.5 /4 hours. It also depends on how much we chat! 

My private workshops are for you if:
– you like to prepare and eat home cooked Italian food
– you want to know more about Italian culinary culture, ingredients and techniques
– you want to spend quality time, in the kitchen and at the table, with the people you love.

The private workshops are conceived for groups of friends, colleagues and family, for a minimum of 4 participants. No particular cooking skill is required.

Being a traveler (I lived in France, the United States and Scandinavia, connecting people from all over the world around a plate of pasta), my workshops are at your place. I ring the bell, bringing in your kitchen my bags full of flours, seasonal vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil and my pasta tools.

I can reach you in every location with a kitchen, mostly in the area of Malmö (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark). For any other locations (in Europe or outside), write to me and let’s find a solution.

From 1.000 kr per person.
Additional travel costs might be calculated for workshops outside Malmö area.


Thanks to a partnership with the importer Byracka vin, you can order Italian wines to my events, via Systembolaget’s private import.

We design seasonal wine-boxes that match the food of my cooking class: a way to deep dive even more into Italian unique biodiversity.


“Tusen tack för en fantastiskt trevlig kväll. Det var väldigt roligt att få lära sig mer om pasta – du är en otroligt bra lärare”.

“Tack så mycket för en inspirerande kväll i måndags. Ska så snart som möjligt börja öva”.

“Thank you!!! Very giving course, will definitely recommend it to friends :)”

“Taaaaaack för igår, så otroligt roligt att lära sig göra pasta!”

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