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Discover the Art of Italian Cooking

Why do we continue to cook? Because it makes us feel human. Mixing the flour, kneading the dough, cutting onions to make soffritto, letting the tomato sauce simmer slowly. These are ancient rituals that connect us to the true meaning of food and the authentic essence of Italian cuisine.

Join my private workshops at my house in Polignano or  at your holiday home, where we’ll embark on a sensory journey through Puglia. Together, we’ll create authentic recipes from scratch, refined over my 15 years as a cookbook author.

In a cozy atmosphere where, amid simmering pots and sizzling pans, we will engage in delightful culinary conversations. Cooking becomes a dialogue—talking about what we eat and why. It’s the Italian way—focused, mindful, and absolutely delicious.

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Embark on a culinary journey with my mouthwatering cooking class, where you’ll discover the art of creating a delightful 3-course menu inspired by the rich flavors of Puglia. Immerse yourself in the culinary traditions of this beautiful region and craft memorable dishes from antipasto to dessert!

👩‍🍳 The Instructor
Bringing over 15 years of culinary expertise, I, as a passionate food writer, educator, and certified taster, will guide you through the wonders of Apulian cuisine. Former owner of the first Italian cooking school in Malmö, Sweden, I am excited to share my secrets and knowledge, ensuring you create authentic Apulian dishes from scratch. Read my full story here.

🍽️ The Menu
Join my interactive workshops where you’ll explore the vibrant world of Apulian cuisine. Craft a unique 3-course menu (antipasto, primo, and dessert) using the freshest seasonal ingredients, inspired by the principles of the Mediterranean Diet. While making and kneading durum wheat fresh pasta, enjoy a delightful aperitivo featuring local cheese, charcuterie, focaccia, taralli, and local finger food. Learn techniques, flavors, and the artistry that makes Apulian cuisine exceptional.
​​Any allergy or special diet must be communicated in advance (any liability is waived in case of omitted information). Dishes in the menu can be changed according to your needs.

⏰ Duration
Designed for full immersion, my workshops have a minimum duration of 3.5 hours. Take your time perfecting each course under my guidance. Explore the preparation of each dish, discovering the stories and traditions woven into their creation. At the end, savor your creations with a glass of local wine.

📍 Where and When
At my house in the old town in Polignano, right above the beautiful beach of Lama Monachile.
Or at your holiday house/ villa in Puglia. I’ll bring my bags filled with flours, seasonal vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil, and pasta tools. Classes start at 16:30, lasting about 3.5 hours. Available upon request.

💰 Cost and Number of People
The price starts from 150 euros per person for an immersive menu workshop, including ingredients, snacks, wine, a delightful meal, and my guidance.
Classes at my house are for 2 to 4 people.
Classes at your house are for minimum 4 people.

🎟️ Booking and Info
Available upon request.
Classes are held in English, French, Swedish and, of course, Italian.
The cleaning of the house is not included.

For info and reservations, WRITE ME HERE.


To create authentic Italian cuisine, you need the right ingredients. Can you imagine a bruschetta topped with rancid olive oil or tasteless tomatoes? In this immersive experience, combining grocery shopping and a cooking class for a 3-course menu, I aim to guide you in discovering and selecting the ingredients that make Apulian cuisine exceptional.

👩‍🌾 The Experience
We’ll start by meeting at a traditional bar in Polignano, enjoying a coffee to break the ice and discuss the menu. Next, we’ll visit the Mercato Coperto di Polignano, the local covered food market, where we’ll shop for the freshest seasonal veggies, bread, focaccia, local cheeses, charcuteries, and fish for our planned menu.

Afterward, we’ll head to my house and cook together a traditional Pugliese lunch—a 3-course menu (antipasto, primo, and dessert), mirroring the workshop described above (Puglia Seasonal Cooking Class).

⏰ Duration, Where and When
This experience unfolds in three steps: from the bar for breakfast, we’ll move to the covered market and then return to my house for the cooking workshop. The experience starts at 10 AM, lasting approximately 6 hours. Available upon request.

💰 Cost and Number of People
The price starts from 185 euros per person for this half-day workshop, covering all ingredients, snacks, wine, a delightful meal, and my guidance during both the cooking class and grocery shopping. Classes are for 2 to 4 people.

🎟️ Booking and Info
Available upon request.
Classes are held in English, French, Swedish and, of course, Italian.

For information and reservations, WRITE ME HERE.

My private workshops are for you if:
– you like to prepare and eat home cooked Italian food
– you want to know more about Italian culinary culture, ingredients and techniques
– you want to spend quality time, in the kitchen and at the table, with the people you love.

The private workshops are conceived for groups of friends, colleagues and family, for a minimum of 2 participants, up to 6. No particular cooking skill is required.


“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. It was great fun to learn more about pasta – you are an incredibly good teacher”.

“Thank you so much for making such a special effort for us and we had so much fun. The flavours were extraordinary! Truly a special occasion, to be remembered. Thank you again”.

“Thank you so much for a very nice workshop. I enjoyed it very much. It gave good inspiration for cooking Italian-inspired food at home”.

“Thank you so much for Saturday afternoon and evening, for the nice cooking class and for the so good food you helped us to prepare. Very nice dinner! It was not so difficult to prepare and tasted so good”.

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