Polignano Sensory Food Tour

Discover Apulian cuisine with all your senses

A gastronomic stroll through the heart of Polignano to uncover the typical products of Puglia and its artisan shops, guided by Flavia Giordano, cookbook author, taster, and food educator.

A sensory experience dedicated to those who want to delve into the culture of Apulian food, its agricultural excellences (PDO, DOC, Slow Food presidia), and gastronomic traditions.

From coffee to “caffe speciale”, passing through caciocavallo and mozzarella, traditional breads, and the finest EVO oils from the best local olive mills, artisanal cold cuts, focaccias, preserves, and wines from native grape varieties – the sensory food tour is a roaming masterclass on Apulian cuisine.

Flavia Giordano – who for several years managed the first Italian cooking school in Malmö, Sweden – will also share golden rules and tips with guests on how to shop and choose quality products, as well as recipes and cooking techniques.
As a taster of oil, cheese, and wines, the sensory food tour will be a way to savor Apulian cuisine with all your senses.

Tour info
Location: Polignano a Mare city center and old town
Duration: approx 3 hours, in the morning
When: Wednesday and Thursday, March-October check available dates
Food stops: 6-7
Capacity: minimum 2, maximum 6 people
Price: from 105 euro/person


  • Explore Polignano a Mare, a gem of the Adriatic, perched on the cliffs
  • Eat like a local: discover the best local food shops, accompanied by a local food writer and cooking instructor by your side
  • Cheese: explore the world of Apulian “pasta filata” cheese and artisanal fresh dairy products
  • Bread and semolina stories: get to know traditional bread shapes and their fragrant aromas, explore the culture of Apulian focaccia 
  • A sea of EVO oil: enjoy 2 awarded Apulian EVO oils, learning to taste like a pro
  • Farmers’ cold cuts: from the iconic capocollo to soppressata, to be enjoyed with typical vegetable preserves (sottòli)
  • Pasta: recognize typical Apulian shapes and learn how to pair them
  • Puglia’s heirloom tomatoes: learn the differences and uses depending on the recipe
  • Apulian grape varieties: be amazed by native grape varieties and their exuberant character
  • The market: a stroll to recognize local fruits and vegetables, seafood, and street food we eat during patron saint festivals 
  • Coffee culture: espressino o “caffè speciale”? The Puglia way!


What’s included: All food samples (minimum 7) and some drinks (coffees, a wine sample) are included. If you wish to buy additional drinks, there will be several opportunities along the way. Keep in mind that we will be stopping at some wonderful food and wine stores along the way and you may wish to buy additional items”.

Booking: The booking will close 48 hours before your tour starts. You can, of course, book in advance, as it’s “first come, first served”. After confirming your reservation, I will provide you with the total cost and instructions for payment processing.
Payment can be conveniently made using your credit card.
Rest assured, if you need to cancel your booking more than 48 hours before the tour begins, you will receive a complete refund. However, refunds cannot be issued for cancellations made within 48 hours from the tour departure.

Mobility and kids: The distance covered during my food tour is roughly 2,2 kilometers or 1.3 miles. While we won’t be seated at restaurants, the tour typically progresses at a leisurely pace, allowing us to explore the town as we eat. Since this is a walking tour, it may not be suitable for individuals with limited mobility. My priority is to ensure everyone enjoys themselves and remains safe. However, I can organize a private food tour with less walking if needed!
Please consult before booking for children under 12.

Spoken languages: the tour is in English, but I can arrange private tours in French (for minimum 5 people). Contactez moi!

Allergens: during the tour, we will consume dairy products, charcuterie, carbs (gluten), alcohol (wine and liquors). If you are interested in a vegetarian private tour, I can accommodate it (minimum 5 people). Please, be informed that in the market you can find, among others vegetables, fava beans. We recommend paying the utmost attention if you suffer from any allergy. As a rule, if you have any food allergy, consult with me before booking.

Weather conditions: summer in Puglia can be quite hot. Wear a hat, use sunscreen, and drink water as needed.

Other info: Private tours available upon request.

Disclaimer: I’m a licensed tour leader, member of Assoguide. For a cultural, historical, architectural or artistic tours (with visit to sites, museums or monuments of particular historical, artistic, archeological or natural interest) you shall address a professional authorized local tourist guide.

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