Rye sbrisolona cake with chocolate and pears

Sbrisolona is a Italian cake with a special crumbly texture. Its name derives from Mantua dialect and refers to crumbles (“brise”, briciole): this cake wasn’t meant to be cut but to be divided by hands. The crumbly texture is made by butter and coarsely sliced almond pieces.
This recipe is my variation, made with dark chocolate and pears, with a even rustic taste made by rye flour.

Ingredients for 8 persons
300 g all purpose flour
100 g rye flour
2 eggs
150 g sugar
100 g butter
8 g baking powder
1 organic lemon
4 tablespoons of dark chocolate cream
20 almonds with skin
2 organic pears

Time: 1 hour

Let’s cook!

In a bowl, mix the flours, sugar, eggs and grated lemon zest.
Take the butter from the fridge, cut it into small pieces and mix it with the flours, until you get a floury, not very compact dough.

Cut the pears into cubes (being organic, I left the peel) and mix them in a bowl with the lemon juice.

Line a 22 cm diameter round pan with parchment paper, then spread half of the dough with your hands, compacting it coarsely. Cover with the chocolate cream and the almonds, coarsely sliced with a knife.

Spread the pears on the surface and cover with the other half of the dough. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees in static mode for 40 minutes. Serve lukewarm.

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