Must-have ingredients

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What is it for?

  • I realized that during my cooking classes I get a lot of questions about the ingredients of the Italian cuisine
  • Many of my clients and students ask me, for example, why a certain flour and not another, when to use “pelati” and when to use “cherry tomatoes”
  • When they go shopping, they are in doubt about what to buy and the criteria why to pick one brand instead of another one
  • What I hear often? “My dish is not as good as when I tasted it on my trip to Italy!”

My solution
Italian cuisine: a few ingredients to create the magic. On the condition to pick them thoroughly. For this reason, I created an inspirational and easy-to-read book that will help you to:

  • organize your pantry with the basic ingredients of Italian cuisine
  • understand what are the criteria for choosing them during your grocery shopping
  • for each ingredient, you will get also ideas on how to use it in your cooking.

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