Candied orange peels

A simple and healthy snack, a treat to be enjoyed in the coldest and darkest days. Candied orange peels are great to eat like this, as an energy snack, or covered with chocolate, or you can add them to cakes (if you add raisins too, they will taste like panettone!).
Follow my directions and cook them with me.

2 organic oranges
sugar cane

Time: 20 minutes + 4 days to rest

Let’s cook!

Engrave the peel on each orange into 6 vertical segments. Remove each segment and then cut each vertically into 1 cm-wide strips.
Place them in a bowl, cover with water and let them rest for 48 hours. Change the water and keep soaking for other 48 hours. This will allow the oranges to lose any bitter taste.

Drain the peels, weigh them and place into a pan. Add as much water and sugar as the weight of the peels. Cook over medium heat until all the water is absorbed. Let them cool, placing them well away from each other for at least an hour on a baking paper sheet. Keep them in an airtight container.

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