Olive oil and cheese tasting

As Italian, olive oil is written in my culinary DNA, it is part of my culture.
In 2018 this passion went further, when I attended the Master “The olive oil sensory science and the culinary art”, the best way to deep dive into the subject and approach it in scientific way.

Olive oil is not “just a fat” to cook food with. It is an ingredient with its own personality, to use to elevate a dish with a complex set of aromas and flavours. A bad olive oil can ruin a dish, a good olive oil can make it divine!
And good, quality olive oil, it has only a name to me: extra-virgin olive oil.

During my sensory events I help consumers and companies to understand deeper olive oil, to treat it well, to pair it with food, to shop it.

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As a certificate cheese taster (first level ONAF), I can also help you in discovering the world of Italian cheese, to use it, to pair it and understand it.

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