Italian food sensorial experiences, temporary restaurants, lectures and tastings.
But also Nordic food seen from another perspective: Spaghetti ABC events.
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Coming events

  • May 7th, 11 AM-14 PM, pasta from Puglia cooking class at Ådala gård, Billinge. 3 hours hands-on activity on semolina shapes from Puglia: cavatelli, orecchiette and sagne ‘ncannulate. We are going to taste the pasta we will make, together with nice snacks and drink Malin will prepare. Write me a mail for more info and booking
  • May 8th, 11 AM-14 PM at Ådala gård, Billinge. Workshop on laminated herbal pasta and multicolour pasta made of vegetable ingredients. We are going to prepare 3 different shapes and taste them, together with nice snacks Malin will prepare. Write me a mail for more info and booking
  • May 9th, 17-20 PM, pasta cooking classes at Reko Deli, Lund. Laminated herbal pasta and multicolour pasta made of vegetable ingredients. Don’t miss Bianca organic cheese tasting and fermented drink! Info and booking here.


My classes are all hands on. We start understanding the flour and how to knead it in order to have a proper pasta dough. I will share my tips about “feeling the dough”, instead on relying on quantities: measurements cam be sometimes wrong but instead you can always trust your hands!
During these 3 events we are going to prepare pasta from scratch and taste it with different sauces. I will share my tips about cooking and preserve pasta too, so you can make it again and again at your home.
The cost includes my lecture and one-to-one support, all the ingredients and the food (snacks, drinks, pasta tasting).
My website is in English, since I work with people from all the nationalities but the classes are “på Spaghetti svenska” 🙂 .
Need more info? Write me a mail!


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